Schanzenstern Altona

Why organic?

We have been enthusiastic proponents of organic food since the early days of the movement for ecologically friendly agriculture.
In addition to the well-known arguments such as protection of the environment, humane treatment of animals and sustainable agricuture, we are also particularly keen that the food products which we prepare and sell should be untainted and organically pure. Plus: there is the simple fact that organic food just tastes better!

What does "organic" mean to us?

25 years ago, we opened Hamburg's first organic restaurant, and we are as enthusiastic about this aspect of our business as ever.
Our business has had organic certification since 2003 and, to this day, we are one of the few officially certified organic restaurants in Hamburg.
Our products are mainly sourced from the local region, through 'Demeter' or 'Bioland' concerns, or sometimes directly from the producers and manufacturers.
We set great store by seasonal cuisine; and naturally, our organic products are also Fair Trade products.

Why an organic hotel?

In our business, efficient hotel management and organic gastronomy go hand in hand. Our hotel operates on the basis of efficiency at all levels.

The organic breakfasts and lunches that we offer follow the same principle: our goal is to avoid wasting the environment's resources.